Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nicki and Big Beau's Babies are growing up and we now have some entertainment for the puppies in the puppy room.

Where does the time go? Lil Elvis was successfully raised via tube feeding, he had a $400.00 eye repair surgery, thanks to the neighbor's evil cat, and now he is in his new home enjoying his new beautiful owner, 17 year old Skye. And I miss him so much. Well, we all do.:)

And yes, Nicki and Big Beau's puppies are all getting around well, eating hard food like big dogs and looking for new homes too. Gosh, things happen fast over here.:) The photos in this post were taken a couple of days ago of Nicki and Big Beau's puppies, Dawson, Grayson, Blythe and Abbott. They will ready for new homes in approximately two weeks. These puppies are so sweet and playful. They all come when called and love to hop, skip and pounce. They are so entertaining to watch.:)

Also, I finally got a t.v. set and a dvd player for the puppy room. So, in the evenings the puppies enjoy watching the movies I play for them. They watch SpongeBob Squarepants, Chicken Run and more. I want to get them some Lassie dvds and some Benji dvds as well.:) And some of Mr.Milan's dvds as well. So that is what is going on over here. Oh and next Sunday Shane, the newest addition to our family of Bayou Bostons will come home. He is a little guy now but he will grow up and be a wonderful stud dog I am sure.