Friday, December 26, 2008

My puppies eyes are opening up and I adopted Yumi to Julia in New Orleans.

The puppies eyes are opening up and it's so exciting to see them looking more and more like little Bostons. They all got a little warm water bath this evening and then they were gently dried off and placed on a fresh clean towel on top of a heating pad. They were so comfortable and peaceful.

Today I got a call from Julia in New Orleans and she said that she would love to adopt Yumi. She said that she even loved the name. I was so happy that she wanted to keep the baby's name Yumi. She said that this would be her first dog to have all her own. I told her congratulations because after speaking with her for an extended period of time I could tell that she was a caring individuals and the type that I would love to have one of my babies to care for.

Oh, and what else happened today? I went to the gym and worked out for about an hour and that's great if you know me. I went by myself since my workout partner could not make it. I did cardio and lower body weight training and really got myself to feel the burn. Yeah baby! I weighed myself and I am exactly three pounds lighter then I was two weeks ago on the same scale and in the same weight clothes too. I thought it was my imagination that I was losing a little weight but I guess I actually am losing weight. I have a long way to go but I'll get there. With perseverance and patience and a lot of hard work I will get there.

So that is what is going on. Not much! Just hanging in there playing with my dogs and puppies and spoiling them too.

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