Monday, June 29, 2009

Tavio is now Walter and he will live with Kristen in WA. And Angelique and has been adopted and has been renamed Talula.:)

It's been an interesting two weeks. Car wrecks and exotic plant clippings and seeds and a new baby named Avalon and just going 200 mph wide open!

Lots to share. Spotted a snake in the yard. Thank goodness it wasn't poisonous. We snapped a photo of him and sent him on his way.

On Saturday Tavio got adopted and he will live in WA soon with Kristen. She is so excited to adopt him and I know that she will take great care of him. She has renamed him Walter.

And yesterday Angelique went home to Brittany and Wayne of Chalmette, LA. It was a complete surprise for Brittany. Wayne said that they had discussed adopting a Boston baby for a couple of years and now was the perfect time.

What else is going on? Riley's baby Avalon can look around now. Her eyes are open. It's so wonderful to see her with her eyes and ears open. And she is a pudgy little girl. Being a singleton she got all of the milk and it shows.

Also, my Plumeria cuttings are doing great. And I have to meet with a lawyer today concerning my accident. I still have to have my van painted, oh, joy! I'll have to be without a vehicle while they are painting it but it'll only be a little while. I am so happy that it wasn't any worst then it was.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looking for a home for a little Boston boy and two little Boston girls and I have decided to force my Freesia bulbs.

I'm looking for homes for Angelique and Jeanette and for Tavio (who I renamed Aaron). They are all wonderful puppies who are playful, healthy and sweet.:) Aaron or Tavio loves cats toys. Like Ginger he loves the long fuzzy on a string and pole that they all play with. It's so funny to see them trying to catch it.

Also, I am thinking about forcing my Freesia bulbs to bloom. I have never grown Freesias before but I heard that they smell divine. Well, they really aren't bulbs, rather they are corms. They are going to be pink.:) And I have some beautiful white, pink and dark pink Gladiolus bulbs too. I got the idea from a photo of a beautiful bridal bouquet and thought, "Hey I would love to grow those." It's been eighteen years since our wedding so I am trying to think of the flowers I had. I guess I will have to look at our wedding album to see. I do remember having roses though.

I'll post the photos of my Freesia corms and their progress. Also, I potted my Plumerias and they are doing great so far. It's so hot outside to really do anything that I'd like to do. Miserable in fact. We need some rain. And now!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picked up the accident report today.

Who's nineteen years old, only has a learners permit, and is uninsured while driving someone else's car? The girl who slammed into Isobel and I, that's who.


Now what?

I am exhausted from the heat and from the stress and from my injuries as well. But... I do have good news. We will have new litters soon.

Sarah has been successfully bred to Charming and Ruby is now too and Sophie will hopefully have a litter with Boudreaux Gaston. So, we have new babies on the way. I guess some Boston ladies all come in at the same time. Last time Ruby and Sophie had their puppies exactly a week apart. Sometimes the heat of Summer keeps them from coming in but not these girls. I guess it's because I am keeping them cool.

Lots of work coming up.:) But... I enjoy it. Riley's baby is growing. Her eyes aren't open yet but they will be soon. She is so fat and happy. And Riley is the perfect mama like I knew she would be for her baby.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Plumeria cuttings arrived from Hawaii today. Thanks Clarence!

Today my Plumeria cuttings arrived from Hawaii and I am soooo happy. I ordered....

2 Rainbow plumeria fragrant branch apx 15",

and 3 Mystery Plumeria apx 7-10 inches, fragrant

and Clarence threw in a couple of more as lagniappe. I am so pleased. I can't wait to get these babies going strong. I've been doing research while laid up from my accident on what to do for successful planting and growth. Got to make a list and go and get the ingredients to bring these babies up happy and more importantly healthy.

Notice that Clarence wrote with a black marker on my free cutting, "Recovery fast. Get a good lawyer and win!" I invited him to follow my blog as well.:) Thanks for the great Plumeria cuttings and the little get well gift too. I will definitely be back for more.

Also, I am waiting for my Adenium seeds to arrive from their long journey from Thailand. That's going to be exciting too. Isobel says that it's good that little things make me happy. I think so too.

Also, I have a new bloom in my Gladiolus patch. :) It's so beautiful.

I'm starting to feel better today, better then I have since the accident, which is great.

Sarah is being bred to Charming therefore we ought to have our next litter arriving the middle of August 2009. Her father is red and white and her mother is brindle and white and Charming's dad is red and white and his mother is chocolate and white. This is the first time Charming is being bred to a Boston who has a family history of red and white. Well, see what happens. Both Sarah and Charming are smart, sweet and lovable. These babies are expected to be simply wonderful. If you are interested in having your name added to the waiting list for these babies then please let me know.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My neck, left shoulder, arm, hand and fingers is killing me.

I'm trying not to go to the doctor but the pain is becoming steadily harder and harder to deal with. This accident did a job on me. Isobel is sore and has banged up feet of all things and where the seat belt tightened up about her.

But... my left arm feels so achy and I have stabbing and burning pains throughout the beck of my head, neck, left shoulder, left arm and hand and fingers. Anything I do to move it hurts extremely bad. I'm not getting good sleep. Tossing and turning and hurting. This morning when I woke up my entire torso was racked with stiffness and pain. Like I had done a thousand sit ups. My arm feels like it weighs a hundred pounds and I just sort of try not to move it. It just hangs there. Besides that I am doing o.k. I guess it beats being in the hospital or the morgue.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Update: Our friends surprised me by fixing my van. For FREE!!! Thad cancelled his fishing trip for me and the puppies.


****I have the best friends in the world. Today as a surprise to me they fixed my van in the incredible heat of Summer. Using the parts from another van, same model, they repaired my van and I'm behind the wheel again. I can not believe it. I did well not crying in front of the guys when Thad brought me over to Patterson's shop in Petal, MS to say "Thank you". But I called Misha to let her know what a wonderful husband she had and what a great friend we had in Blake and I started crying. It was too much. I am so happy!!! I also want to thank Kevin Moore, his website is , they breed Great Danes and cute little Papillions. And they have beautiful puppies right now too.
As for the van, I'll need a paint job but that is all. I am elated. Words can not even begin the describe how wonderful this is. It's so wonderful to have great friends!!! Thanks to Blake and Kevin from the bottom of my heart.****

Being without transportation is awful. But I am not in any condition to drive today. Far too sore and I'm having burning, stabbing and stinging pain in my neck, shoulders and all the way down my left arm and hand. I'm using my right hand to type this, so it's taking forever.

Thad canceled his fishing trip, borrowed a van from some friends and drove the puppies this morning to the airport for me. That was so sweet and nice of him to do so for me. I know how much he loves to go fishing but he loves me more.:)

Right now my van is at a friend's shop. Hopefully, it isn't totaled. But it looks that way to me. They will have to assess if it is worth repairing, but even if it is I know that it will never be the same. It ran so good for a 2001 Dodge Caravan that it is. I feel that I've been robbed. Robbed of my van and I just as easily could have been robbed of my daughter's life and mine as well. I know that God was looking after us because the crazy girl who hit us was not. She is a danger to others on the road and herself.

Well, I'm hurting again. I'd better take some more OTC pain relievers and try to heal myself up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I no longer have a means of transportation. Thanks negligent driver no#2.

Great news. I am alive and so is my daughter Isobel. My van didn't get so lucky. I was hit by an extremely negligent driver. She slammed into me and proceeded to almost force my van across the lanes into oncoming traffic. I cut right so I would not experience death so suddenly for my daughter and myself and my van grinds to a dragging halt on the shoulder of the road.

Be careful out there people. But I now know that you can be as safe as possible but if the other drivers aren't safe then you aren't either.

Now I am out of a means of transportation so I wonder what will happen now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Riley's puppy arrived today!

Riley's new baby girl was delivered by c-section today. This morning bright and early she was pushing and she was open. We got her to Dr. Smith's and a c-section was in order.

The newest addition to Judy's Bayou Bostons is positively adorable. She has a darling little flat nose and looks like both her mom Riley and her papa Big Beau. I think that she is a going to be a smiler too.

Riley is being a great little mama.:) I am so happy this all worked out great and that she is being such a great mom.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Riley went back to see Dr.Kelly yesterday and we visited Baby Echo and made a blueberry discovery.

Because of my worry and concern for Riley I took her to see Dr. Kelly again yesterday. Dr. Kelly examined her and confirmed my own observations, that Riley is opening up to have her baby but we do not think that she will be able to deliver the baby on her own. A c-section will probably be required to bring this baby into the world. It's just too big.

She is due tomorrow and I am keeping a close eye on her and her baby.

After visiting Dr. Kelly we stopped in a shaded area in town and discovered blueberry bushes. About eight or nine with gorgeous berries of varying shades of blushing pink and hues of blue.

Also, a large tree which looked to be bearing tiny brown apples. And Honey Suckle as well.

We then visited Echo, our little niece. She just made a year and is a happy, healthy, and charming little darling. She is very intelligent and observant and wants to go everywhere.:)

I snapped some photos of her pudgy little baby heads and feet. They are so fluffy, soft and sweet, like babies hands and feet should be. We should all enjoy her being a baby right now because it goes by so fast.:(

Despite the heat we had a wonderful day and Riley's puppy is on it's way.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Got new photos of Brady from Ben and photos of Bella and Boudreaux's little girls. Thanks Ben and Dede.

Hey everyone!!!

New photos of an all grown up Brady, one of Ginger and Boudreaux's boys from Ben today. Brady is one good looking little guy. I am so happy that he is doing so wonderfully with Ben and his family. I love happy stories and awesome matches.

Also, photos from Dede of Bella and Boudreaux's puppies. Bella visited us and Boudreaux for a week and now she has five beautiful babies. Two little darling girls and three handsome little boys.

One of the little girls, Bootsie already has a home anxiously waiting for her arrival. If you all are interested in Bootie's sister then please give me a call at (985) 607-5837. And you can check out my website at

I will post photos of the little fellas from Bella and Boudreaux.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Riley's having one HUGE puppy, Prada and Charming have a brand new litter, and so does Bella and Boudreaux.

Well, it's been a very busy week and day. This morning Riley saw Dr. Kelly Smith for her pre-delivery x-ray, she is due in seven days, Riley, not Dr. Kelly and it is as I painfully suspected. Riley is having only one puppy. I listened to her belly with my fetal heart monitor Doppler and could only pick up one heartbeat and I told Jeremy, who works with Kelly that was the case and yup wouldn't ya know it. Only one puppy and it's a bigum! Arrrgh!

Right now Thad wished she wasn't pregnant at all. I wish there was more then one so the puppies could be smaller. Smaller means a safer delivery. Ruby had only one with her first pregnancy and Lucian lived even though we had to pull him. Kelly said to just watch her closely and get her to the hospital if she pushes and nothing happens. I hope it's going to be o.k. She is due on the 17th of this month and you better believe that I will watch her closely.

Then this morning around 5:00 a.m. ish Bobby left me a text message that Prada had her new litter of six. She started at 4:00 a.m. and finished at 5:30 a.m. Now that is a fast delivery. ~Nice~ Later I learned it's five boys and a little girl.:) I think that Amber, Bobby's wife is going to want to keep the little girl. They just sent pictures and here they are for everyone to enjoy. The two dogs together are Prada and Chocolate Charming. She is the brindle beauty with the red collar and Chocolate Charming is the dashing young beau with the chocolate-ish coat. Both got along splendidly.

I am waiting on photos of Bella and Boudreaux's litter. Bella had six and the smallest baby is not fairing well. Dede made sure the baby went to see their vet and that she is getting the best attention from Dede herself. It takes a lot out of a person to care for an itty bitty newborn puppy. I've done it before. It's exhausting. Sometimes they get better and sometimes they pass. But all you can do is try your best to help them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Plants and Pot, a gift from Misha.

Yesterday when Rocky went home and Misha surprised me with some plants that she grew and a gorgeous new heavy pot as a way to say "Thank you" for caring for Rocky. This afternoon I potted the other plants and I am going to plant the white Angel Trumpets in the huge new pot. Don't worry, I am keeping the Angel Trumpet away from our dogs. It's deadly to them and people and I am going to handle it with gloves for good measure.

I ordered some seeds for Plumeria and Adenium plants. I can not wait to get them and try my hand at growing them. They are so exotic and that is the theme I am going for. I've already let Misha know that she will have to help me grow these beauties. It takes three years from seed to bloom. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens.:)

Also went boating out on the lake with Thad this afternoon. It was really nice. Hot but nice. I got darker with all that Southern sunshine.

My Zinnia's are already coming up. And so are our Calendulas. I need more starter pots though I am starting to run out.:) I guess that is a good problem to have, huh? I'm trying to learn as much as I can about gardening. I'll also have to learn about having a pond garden because that is going to be one of the best features of the new backyard. Ian will be the one to care for the fish in the pond. I know that he will enjoy that.

So, much to do.