Thursday, October 1, 2009

Long time no blog.

Well, it's been quite sometime since I blogged so I thought, why not do so today? Right now I have four medium sized to small litters of puppies and they are all doing great!

So, check it out on my website at...

Also, my plants are doing well. I got my Plumera seeds in and I have a few that are already seedlings. And my Plumera cuttings are doing good. Three of them are really taking off. Now I have to figure out a fall garden. That ought to be a lot of fun.

Also, I have grown interest in using coupons at the grocery store. So, I will let everyone know how that goes. A friend of mine is really into using coupons for her food shopping and I intend to learn a lot from her in the way of "coupons". I wonder if yoga and meditation will be involved. "Yes, it will be young grasshopper."

I do know one thing I am thoroughly enjoying the present cooler temperatures we are experiencing. It is absolutely wonderful. I will have to snap some new photos to share. Well, I have to go for now. Lots to do as usual.

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