Friday, August 6, 2010

Sometimes bad things happen.

As sad as it can be a part of raising puppies is the reality that they are delicate babies and in the immortal wisdom of Dr. Karl Smith DVM, "Not all of the puppies are meant to make it." Today one of Nicki's brand new baby girls did just that. She passed away. No matter how hard you work, no matter how much you care, no amount of your concern and worry can prevent things like this from happening. When I caught sight of her lifeless little body I reached for her in hopes of bringing her around, but as soon as I picked her up that hopeless sense of loss quickly sank in. The cold of her body and the colorlessness to match confirmed my fears. She was gone. I cried for her and for all of the babies who never get to grow up. Who never get to open their eyes and ears to the joyful sites and sounds of the wonderful world. Who never get to cuddle and nuzzle with their human families and wrestle, run and enjoy games with their canine companions. I grieve for the lost and hold it in a special part of my being so that this experience will not be lost in complete and utter vain. In reality I wish to put the pain to good use and work with it, not simply through it so it can make me a far more loving, compassionate and unselfish person than I already am. Life is precious we must never forget that. Even for one second. Like a tiny flickering flame that must be shielded from a brute force of a senseless wind to snuff it out. So if life is precious than please do not wait until it comes down to a life and death situation. Cherish your loved ones whether they be human or canine or other. Show your concern, love and affection. Be brave to give correction and be gentle to show forgiveness and love. And when it comes to assigning blame I am always the first volunteer to take the giant bowl of cold tasteless blame in my welcoming lap, spoon posed to choke it all down, but simply put no matter what we do, sometimes bad things happen.

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