Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Boston Terrier Mommies and Daddies.

This post will introduce you to our Boston Terrier mommies and daddies. 

First the Mommies...

We have Lil Jill. Jill is a small reverse splash black and white Boston girl with touches of brindle in her black spots. She has a very curious and sweet personality. Loves to play and cuddle and she is an excellent mother to her puppies. Jill is always very agreeable and gets along extremely well with others.
Jill is CKC reg. and she is approximately 13 pounds.

Next we have Avalon. Avalon has a very energetic and loving personality. She loves to run and play but also snuggle as well. Her hobbies include eating, playing and ferreting under any sort of comfy covers. Avalon is also an excellent companion and mother, she is CKC reg. and weighs approximately 18 pounds.

Lil Alyss Renee is also one of our mommies. Alyss Renee is a dainty girl who loves attention and affection. She is a beautiful black and white Boston with a small frame. Alyss Renee is also a wonderful mother and she is both AKC and CKC and weighs 13 pounds.

Ruby Roo Roo is also one of our mommies. She is a extremely soft red and white Boston girl and is very playful and affectionate as well. She has beautiful babies who are as sweet as she is.:) Ruby is 20 pounds and she is CKC reg.

Our daddies are Buddy Barksdale...

And Atticus...

And Charming...

They are all wonderful pets and their puppies are awesome!!!

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