Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ennis has found a new home with Amanda in New Orleans. Thanks David for the wonderful referral.:)

Lil Ennis has found a new home with Amanda and her little boy and girl in New Orleans. Amanda was a referral from David who adopted Ennis' brother Baxter (formerly known as Wagner).:)

Now Baxter and Ennis will be able to play together since they will live so close in distance. That's is awesome!!! Congratulations to Amanda and Ennis.:) It's going to be so wonderful to watch both Baxter and Ennis grow up together.:) But... we still have three little chocolate and white girls from this litter looking for awesome forever homes. They are Kincaid, Sutton and Tipton, the broom and mop chaser.:) If you are interested in any one or two or three of these darling little girls than please let me know.

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