Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Improving the air quality in our puppy room with plants.

Let's face it, I have never had a green thumb but I have always had an interest in growing things and plants included. Couple that with my concern for the quality of the air we breathe. And by we I mean my family and our pets and puppies prompt me into doing a little research in cleaning the air and promoting additional oxygen into our indoor air. Fortunately I found a solution. Plants. So now we have some indoor plants. In our home which includes the puppy room. Only I will have to keep the plants up and out of reach of the puppies but aside from being aesthetically pleasing the plants will definitely become a permanent puppy room fixture. Happily I finally found some time to frame and hang photo art which a good friend of mine Rachel Nauck sent to me. Rachel is an extremely talented young photographer and if you would love to see more of her gorgeous photos or retain her photography skills than please visit her on Facebook at...


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