Thursday, July 2, 2009

Amos is got snipped and we still haven't gotten any rain and Phat Baby has a new home.

Alright here's what happened today.

Amos went to Dr. Smith to get snipped. He has to spend the night over after his operation. And we will pick him up tomorrow early, bring him home and make sure that he stays comfortable.

I feel so bad for him but it had to be done.

Also, I don't mean to whine but we do need some rain. In fact we are long over due for some. I was getting hopeful that some was heading our way and so far not a drop.

Soon I hope. I visited Lori today and she gave me some seeds from her giant Zinnias. I am going to plant them and see what comes up. Also, she gave me a cutting from her Hydrangeas. I hope they do well. I'll baby them if need be.

My pots haven't arrived yet but soon.:)

***Also, I forgot to mention that Phat Baby has a new home.***
I retired Phat Baby after one litter because she is not built to have babies and she had a horrible time when she did have her litter so while she was having her c-section I advised the doctor to go ahead and spay her as well. Well, I've been a bit picky about the home she would go to and I was waiting until the right home came along and it did. Congratulations to Larry. His family has her now and they love her. She is a fat little Boston ball.:)

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