Monday, July 13, 2009

Growing Plumerias!

Long time no post. I've been busy and so have my plumerias, growing that is. I am so excited! All of my cuttings seem to have taken and are showing signs of growth. Little leaves are emerging.:)

I am so pleased. This is so promising. And the Zinnias are blooming too.

Tavio went home and his now re-named Walter. I spoke with Kristen and she said that he is doing great. Very loving and sweet and extremely happy and healthy. She promises to send photos soon. I have to admit that since he was here a little longer then our other puppies I was really attached to him. It's harder to let the babies go when they stay here a little longer. Plus, Kristen had a trip planned and asked if I would keep him a little longer which I did. I did the same for Ainsley as well. Just more time to spend with them and enjoy them even more.

Currently I have four little girls looking for great homes, two who are ready to go home right now, Jeanette and Sabine. Bella and Boudreaux's Bootsie is looking for her forever home as well and she can go home August 3rd. And another little darling, Avalon, who will be able to go home August 7th.

If you are looking for a special little boy then I will have some available to go home August 3rd as well. They are the children of Prada and Chocolate Charming. They are partly brindle with beautiful faces and awesome personalities just like the girls. If you are interested in one of my babies then please let me know.

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