Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boudreaux Jr. went home and Bootsie is bestfriends with Avalon and Prada and Charmings puppies are here too!

Well, we recently went from having only two puppies to well alot more. Boudreaux Jr. was here for a little while until he went home to Bill and Pam and Bootsie his little sister is here and she made fast friends with Avalon.

Prada and Charming's puppies are here, Warner, Carter, Davis and Benedict. I think that Holly in Ohio would love to bring Benedict home. She loves his brindle markings.

Sarah is getting closer to her delivery date and she is a bit cranky. She is expecting puppies with Charming and from what I can tell she is going to have a nice sized litter. The weather has been considerably cooler in the mornings and it's nice for working outside in the earlier hours of the day. Lots to do and more to plan to do. But... it's all fun and good.:)

I'm concerned about Phil's Babs. She's ill and in the hospital. I hope she gets better. Poor Babs. She is such a wonderful little girl.

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