Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On the way.... books and stuff for cooks.

I am so excited!!!

I've been wanting some new books on gardening and I came across a book entitled, "How to grow more vegetables" and also "All new square foot gardening". Yup, I bought them on eBay and I can't wait for them to arrive. It was so convenient, from the same seller.

Also, I have new cookware on the way. Cuisinart 12 piece Multiclad Pro cookware set. I was eying this set and I did some research and now it's on it's way too. I can not wait!!!

We need new cookware as well.

Oh, and my first Zinnia bloomed. I am so happy about that. I did some reading online about propagating plants using a cutting and some rooting hormone and I picked up some of the rooting hormone today. I grew the Zinnias from seeds but I want to do some cuttings and have them grow that way.

I will post photos of my little first bloom Zinnia.

I'm still having pain from the accident. Hopefully, I'll start feeling better soon. I hate being in pain, but then who does?

What else? I'm going to try to learn some real Louisiana dishes to cook in my brand new pots. I am so excited about it all.

Oh, tomorrow Amos is going to see Dr. Smith for the snip snip. He gets carsick so the trip ought to be memorable.

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