Monday, June 29, 2009

Tavio is now Walter and he will live with Kristen in WA. And Angelique and has been adopted and has been renamed Talula.:)

It's been an interesting two weeks. Car wrecks and exotic plant clippings and seeds and a new baby named Avalon and just going 200 mph wide open!

Lots to share. Spotted a snake in the yard. Thank goodness it wasn't poisonous. We snapped a photo of him and sent him on his way.

On Saturday Tavio got adopted and he will live in WA soon with Kristen. She is so excited to adopt him and I know that she will take great care of him. She has renamed him Walter.

And yesterday Angelique went home to Brittany and Wayne of Chalmette, LA. It was a complete surprise for Brittany. Wayne said that they had discussed adopting a Boston baby for a couple of years and now was the perfect time.

What else is going on? Riley's baby Avalon can look around now. Her eyes are open. It's so wonderful to see her with her eyes and ears open. And she is a pudgy little girl. Being a singleton she got all of the milk and it shows.

Also, my Plumeria cuttings are doing great. And I have to meet with a lawyer today concerning my accident. I still have to have my van painted, oh, joy! I'll have to be without a vehicle while they are painting it but it'll only be a little while. I am so happy that it wasn't any worst then it was.

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