Friday, June 19, 2009

Update: Our friends surprised me by fixing my van. For FREE!!! Thad cancelled his fishing trip for me and the puppies.


****I have the best friends in the world. Today as a surprise to me they fixed my van in the incredible heat of Summer. Using the parts from another van, same model, they repaired my van and I'm behind the wheel again. I can not believe it. I did well not crying in front of the guys when Thad brought me over to Patterson's shop in Petal, MS to say "Thank you". But I called Misha to let her know what a wonderful husband she had and what a great friend we had in Blake and I started crying. It was too much. I am so happy!!! I also want to thank Kevin Moore, his website is , they breed Great Danes and cute little Papillions. And they have beautiful puppies right now too.
As for the van, I'll need a paint job but that is all. I am elated. Words can not even begin the describe how wonderful this is. It's so wonderful to have great friends!!! Thanks to Blake and Kevin from the bottom of my heart.****

Being without transportation is awful. But I am not in any condition to drive today. Far too sore and I'm having burning, stabbing and stinging pain in my neck, shoulders and all the way down my left arm and hand. I'm using my right hand to type this, so it's taking forever.

Thad canceled his fishing trip, borrowed a van from some friends and drove the puppies this morning to the airport for me. That was so sweet and nice of him to do so for me. I know how much he loves to go fishing but he loves me more.:)

Right now my van is at a friend's shop. Hopefully, it isn't totaled. But it looks that way to me. They will have to assess if it is worth repairing, but even if it is I know that it will never be the same. It ran so good for a 2001 Dodge Caravan that it is. I feel that I've been robbed. Robbed of my van and I just as easily could have been robbed of my daughter's life and mine as well. I know that God was looking after us because the crazy girl who hit us was not. She is a danger to others on the road and herself.

Well, I'm hurting again. I'd better take some more OTC pain relievers and try to heal myself up.

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