Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Riley went back to see Dr.Kelly yesterday and we visited Baby Echo and made a blueberry discovery.

Because of my worry and concern for Riley I took her to see Dr. Kelly again yesterday. Dr. Kelly examined her and confirmed my own observations, that Riley is opening up to have her baby but we do not think that she will be able to deliver the baby on her own. A c-section will probably be required to bring this baby into the world. It's just too big.

She is due tomorrow and I am keeping a close eye on her and her baby.

After visiting Dr. Kelly we stopped in a shaded area in town and discovered blueberry bushes. About eight or nine with gorgeous berries of varying shades of blushing pink and hues of blue.

Also, a large tree which looked to be bearing tiny brown apples. And Honey Suckle as well.

We then visited Echo, our little niece. She just made a year and is a happy, healthy, and charming little darling. She is very intelligent and observant and wants to go everywhere.:)

I snapped some photos of her pudgy little baby heads and feet. They are so fluffy, soft and sweet, like babies hands and feet should be. We should all enjoy her being a baby right now because it goes by so fast.:(

Despite the heat we had a wonderful day and Riley's puppy is on it's way.

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