Thursday, June 18, 2009

I no longer have a means of transportation. Thanks negligent driver no#2.

Great news. I am alive and so is my daughter Isobel. My van didn't get so lucky. I was hit by an extremely negligent driver. She slammed into me and proceeded to almost force my van across the lanes into oncoming traffic. I cut right so I would not experience death so suddenly for my daughter and myself and my van grinds to a dragging halt on the shoulder of the road.

Be careful out there people. But I now know that you can be as safe as possible but if the other drivers aren't safe then you aren't either.

Now I am out of a means of transportation so I wonder what will happen now.


  1. Wow, that's terrible. I'm glad you guys were ok. Is their insurance going to pay for it?

  2. She didn't have any insurance. She'll have to go to court over this. Our friends spent all day today fixing my van for me for free. They are incredible!!! I can't believe that they did this for me. I feel so happy that they value us so much. It's humbling and truly a blessing. I am still sore today and so is Isobel.


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