Saturday, June 6, 2009

Growing it long, growing it strong. Hair that is. And my babies are A-O.K.!

Well, I have a confession to make. I've been growing my hair out. A lot of my friends have noticed that for the last five months or so, maybe a bit longer I have been wearing my hair Au natural. I'm always rushing here and there trying to get everything done and flat ironing my hair dropped way down on my "To do"... list.

So, I started experimenting and reading up on which products to use and had Thad pick up a diffuser hairdryer for me and now the hair is curly, hydrated and healthier looking. However, I am staying away from at home relaxers and I've been trying to continue my Aphogee regime. It may stink a bit when used but it makes a whole heck of a difference in my hair. Stronger by all means. However, a deep moisturizer is a must afterwards or you will have a head full of straw. That protein will leech all of the moisture out of your hair. I wonderful friend and stylist in Pearl River, LA named Tammy Meyn, who owns the Headz Up salon introduced me to Aphogee.

I'm going to do a treatment tonight even though it is Saturday. Hey, I'm feeling bad, under the weather so I might as well make the most of it huh?:)

I want to grow it out so I can have more options in styling it. Longer curly but occasionally I do flat iron it and wear it down.

Also, puppies are doing better. They had a tummy bug. I drug myself out of my deathbed to tote them to see Dr. Smith today. Thad drove for me. I love him. Doc tested for everything, and I mean everything. No parasites, no deadly virus', no less deadly virus', no virus' at all, no diseases, no nothing. I told him I stayed up to 3 o'clock in the morning with them (and being sick it can only make you sicker when you don't get much sleep) providing supportive care and cooking gourmet meals for them too. Mmmm, chicken and rice, calf beef liver, whole fat yogurt and probios. Also, oat water and molasses. That really smells great! Symptoms have subsided substantially and they never ran a fever. Go figure. Also, running low on Parvaid and Vibactra. Got to get somemore and I am even seriously considering becoming a distributor. No one should be without this stuff. It rocks. Puppies hate the taste but it works and that is all that really counts. And get this, when we get to Dr. Smith's hospital they are all acting happy and playful. Like I'm lying. Just like kids.

While I am gluing my hair to my head with this Aphogee (not really but it does give you old Ken, as in Barbie's beau, hair) I'll do a pedicure too. It's well overdue. Saturday spa night sounds better then Saturday sick night in.

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