Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looking for a home for a little Boston boy and two little Boston girls and I have decided to force my Freesia bulbs.

I'm looking for homes for Angelique and Jeanette and for Tavio (who I renamed Aaron). They are all wonderful puppies who are playful, healthy and sweet.:) Aaron or Tavio loves cats toys. Like Ginger he loves the long fuzzy on a string and pole that they all play with. It's so funny to see them trying to catch it.

Also, I am thinking about forcing my Freesia bulbs to bloom. I have never grown Freesias before but I heard that they smell divine. Well, they really aren't bulbs, rather they are corms. They are going to be pink.:) And I have some beautiful white, pink and dark pink Gladiolus bulbs too. I got the idea from a photo of a beautiful bridal bouquet and thought, "Hey I would love to grow those." It's been eighteen years since our wedding so I am trying to think of the flowers I had. I guess I will have to look at our wedding album to see. I do remember having roses though.

I'll post the photos of my Freesia corms and their progress. Also, I potted my Plumerias and they are doing great so far. It's so hot outside to really do anything that I'd like to do. Miserable in fact. We need some rain. And now!!!

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