Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picked up the accident report today.

Who's nineteen years old, only has a learners permit, and is uninsured while driving someone else's car? The girl who slammed into Isobel and I, that's who.


Now what?

I am exhausted from the heat and from the stress and from my injuries as well. But... I do have good news. We will have new litters soon.

Sarah has been successfully bred to Charming and Ruby is now too and Sophie will hopefully have a litter with Boudreaux Gaston. So, we have new babies on the way. I guess some Boston ladies all come in at the same time. Last time Ruby and Sophie had their puppies exactly a week apart. Sometimes the heat of Summer keeps them from coming in but not these girls. I guess it's because I am keeping them cool.

Lots of work coming up.:) But... I enjoy it. Riley's baby is growing. Her eyes aren't open yet but they will be soon. She is so fat and happy. And Riley is the perfect mama like I knew she would be for her baby.

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